Startups Recognized by the SEUA in 2017.

As you know, the SEUA is rewarding the innovations of the best startups from European countries that participate in 18 categories. 2017 was a year rich in innovations brought by more than 130 startups from 16 European nations recognized by the SEUA. Amongst these, we want to present the startups of the 16 European countries who have impressed us the most with their products, services or methods in 2017.



Recognized in the Creative category, Espace Ochola is a place in the heart of Belgium's capital, Brussels, that is dedicated to showcasing African skills through art in all its forms. Ochola, proud to call itself "Afropean", highlights African know-how in the fields of arts and crafts, fashion, culture, information and more. Espace Ochola is a fervent defender of the "made in Africa" and wants to preserve, promote and develop the economic independence and the cultural diversity of the continent by valuing its artists, its businesses and its entrepreneurship.



Eljoy is a startup specializing in the manufacture of smart electric bicycles and a bike-sharing system designed to revolutionize the way people move in cities and rewarded by the SEUA in the Energy category. Established in the Black Sea, in the Bulgarian town of Varna, Eljoy Bikes is defined as being made up of dedicated e-bike enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with a passion for green culture and technology.



One of the most innovative inventions of 2017 recognized in the Green category comes from Croatia. GrowCity and its Ecobox make growing vegetables possible everywhere, regardless of the location, whether it is urban, rural or desert. EcoBox is a mobile food cultivation system integrated inside a shipping container. The 100% mobile farm can be deployed on rooftops, parking lots, backyards or any location with running water and electricity and with a revolutionary irrigation system that saves up to 94% of the water used in traditional agriculture and no pesticide or chemical fertilizer, the food produced by the Ecobox is of the highest quality organic food.


The work of the company ADITESS was rewarded in 2017 in the Smart Cities category for its platform of bidirectional communication between the civil society and national security forces. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to improve society's security and enhance social welfare.


Loceye is a Greek Start-up funded by the Creative category of SEUA. The company offers a service to conduct marketing research through a platform for analyzing eye movements. This technology makes it possible to analyze what captures the attention of visitors to a website, advertising or other pieces of information, to identify the weaknesses of a display and improve its expected impact.

HUNGARY: is the Hungarian startup that has captivated our attention in 2017. is a B2B online cooperative marketplace that allows buyers and suppliers to connect directly. Awarded by the gastronomic category, the platform enables suppliers and restorers from Poland, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Croatia, to distribute and purchase their products without going through a third-party distributor.



Glissed is an Irish startup that brings an online platform that connects beauty professionals and customers. Allowing customer to book hair, makeup or manicure appointments, and professionals to make themselves available, the business enables hairdressers and makeup artists to manage and grow their own businesses and allows customers to book beauty appointment at home, office or hotel outside of salon hours.



One could expect an Italian startup to come up with an innovative idea on how to deliver pizzas. That's precisely what hotbox takeaways are trying to accomplish with a system that keeps pizzas hot and crispy by drawing on the heat generated by the motor of the scooter used to deliver the world-famous dish. We find the idea excellent and hope that the Italian startup will succeed to implement their invention all over the world so that hotbox becomes a standard of pizza delivery.



Only one Kosovan startup has been awarded by the SEUA in 2017, and this is Formon. The startup makes the magic of 3D printing available to everyone thanks to their 3D Formon Core printer. Combined with software to scan or draw graphic designs, Formon makes it literally possible to bring life to any object that comes out from anyone's imagination.


According to the McKinsey Global Institute, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $ 11.1 trillion in economic value by 2025. It is in an effort to achieve this ideal that the Luxembourg company OQ Technologies was awarded in the space category of SEUA in 2017. Thanks to a network of satellites orbiting all around the planet and with which it is possible to communicate quasi-instantly, OQ Technologies proposes to build a global system offering innovative solutions and ultra-low-cost in the field of data analysis in all critical sectors of today's global industry.


We have emphasized the importance of bees in our environment on this site, and it is precisely what Macedonian Honey defends with their company. The startup claims to be creating stronger, climate-resilient bees by offering a new approach to beekeeping. Animated by the certainty that a better future is possible for the survival of bees, Macedonian Honey and its method called ElleHive is based on three principles that aim to strengthen the resilience of bees: No Stress - No Chemicals, No Acids - Only Natural Materials.


SKY TRONIC is a company coming from the University of Science and Technologies of Warsaw, whose intellectual property is managed by the graduates of the Polish University of Economics and the Institute of Technology Transfer, that specializes in the design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The Polish company claims that its navigation system provides better safety and stability of UAV flights in difficult weather and terrain conditions and is intended for drone producers worldwide. Their drones and associated technology are designed to improve on-site surveillance capabilities, coordination of security and rescue services, assist police and fire services, and more.


The only Portuguese startup recognized by the SEUA in 2017, Live Electric Tours, has been rewarded in the category of tourism for its innovative idea that puts 100% electric auto tourism vehicles at the disposal of tourists visiting the city of Lisbon. Equipped with free WIFI, Live cameras to share the experience on social networks and GPS tour guide, Live Electric Tours to invent a unique way to visit the world of Lisbon. We hope the startup will succeed in exporting its invention to other major European cities.


Vtree is a Romanian company that is proudly contributing to the up rise of solar energy solutions worldwide. The company is inspired by how trees convert solar energy into chemical energy and thus create trees that are used to recharge the batteries of mobile telephones, tablets, gadgets and electric vehicles. The atypical structures resulting from this idea are intended to sensitize the public opinion on the questions of the ecology while putting the solar energy at disposal.


The Spanish startup claims to be able to unleash the power of your imagination with its software. Specialize in the field of audio-visual, Tyris software brings innovative solutions in the areas of virtual reality, increased reality, natural interfaces, digital signage, computer vision, realistic rendering, 3D cartography, app solutions and smart TVs.


Finally, in the creative category of SEUA, the Ukrainian startup HEX WIX has stood out by offering a platform dedicated to gamers allowing them to find teams with which they can compete in the competitive games of e-sport. By analysing players' records and providing updated stats continuously, HEX WIX offers the best way for serious team players to win video game competitions such as DOTA 2.